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Expert Real Estate Team has been doing business for over ten years and has become a pillar of the Greer / Upstate community in both charitable giving and support. We believe in an active symbiotic relationship with our communities. 


Team Work

Team work makes the dream work! Expert Real Estate Team is a team of agents not just any brokerage. Everyone supports and uplifts each other. Real Estate is hard enough, make it easier by joining an expert team. When you join the team you aren't just a number on paper, we care to see you succeed and listen to your needs. In anything that you do you can feel confident because an expert team is standing behind you. 


All Star Training

New or experienced, job training is paramount to being successful in real estate. Expert Real Estate Team offers world class (Tom Ferry) training to active agents at no cost because we care and want you to succeed. People are the most valuable asset that any company can have and we invest greatly to improve skills for both you and our clients. 


Be Your Best Self

Knowing the path to any journey can make the adventure more fun and easier to navigate. In real estate many don't know what's possible and they are limited to only what they know. Here at the Expert Real Estate Team  we know how far our agents can go and we are consistently pushing them to not only become more successful but to achieve that next level and becoming an expert. We coach agents and hold them accountable so that they can be their best self. 


Become A Brand

Expert Real Estate Team is not just interested in being a team of experts, but also creating experts with unique and relatable brands. Every real estate agent is a business owner and marketing is often overlooked. 

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Sixth Step

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Over 25 years of experience

Over 25 years of experience has provided LeAnne Carswell, owner & broker of the Expert Real Estate Team, with powerful insight on what makes a Real Estate transaction important for buyers and sellers.

A Tailored Onboarding Experience

Knowing where you came from is important for us to know where to start. We tailor our onboarding experience because not one size fits all. Our goal is to be efficient so you can start your successful business fast.

Support Staff

We have a full real estate professional staff to support agents when needed. The staff is responsible for a lot of the day-to-day tasks so our realtors can focus on making transactions happen.

collaborative teamwork

A team of agents is always far superior to single agents, as a team of agents can share in the workload presented. A team offers both agent and client peace of mind, as transactions won't be disrupted by unforeseen circumstances.

Important Questions To Ask

What Is Agent / Broker Split?

It's important to know how much your earning potential can be with any real estate transaction.

What do I get with my agent / broker split?

It's good to know what the broker will offer to you and your clients so that you can be successful in real estate.

What is my first step?

The first step to your journey is sometimes the hardest, let's find your first step together.

Team Testimonials

Mandy Justice Realtor

Tosha Justice Realtor

Thomas Gardner Realtor

Amber Robinson Realtor

Some Of The Many Positive Google Reviews!

This was a great experience dealing with Expert Reality!!!! LeAnne has great support in the firm! First Peggy Swartz was outstanding!!! She kept me updated on anything and everything that went on during the whole process. When the home was under contract Teresa took over handling me. All in all Expert Realty is not just the agent you sign with but a TEAM!!!

My property had a lot of unique challenges/opportunities for the Expert Real Estate Team to deal with, and yet the team made it a smooth process from beginning to end. This is an experienced group of professionals who know their stuff!

This was my first home buying process at that time i was working with someone but they were not communicating properly so i reached out to the real estate team who responded to me in reasonable time let me know what all i needed to do as a first time home buyer so overall informative experience

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